Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why Repubs Don't Want Immigration Reform

It is no secret that many republicans are completely against any attempt at immigration reform. They call every plan and every idea amnesty, regardless of how whether that is what it actually is.

I think that I have figured out the reason. Giant corporations hire illegal immigrants (illegally of course) and pay them wages far below what they would have to pay an American citizen. They also do not have to pay any type of benefits to the illegals that they hire, and do not have to pay SS taxes for them. They are much cheaper and more dispensable than American citizens. Granting amnesty to illegals, or a path to citizenship, or any type of program that legalizes in any way their exsistence in this country, would force the big businesses to pay fair wages and taxes on all of their employees.

Now of course the rich members of the Republican party, the ones who orchistrate all of the viewpoints of the party, can never tell the masses that they are against immigration refrom because they want to keep the high profits they make off the backs of the illegals. Therefore, they appeal to the fear of the hardworking Americans, whom they claim to protect but who in reality are just pawns.

"It's their fault, they took your jobs!" "Your hard earned tax dollars are paying for those illegals!" "We need to defend our borders!"

They spout these slogans, which appeal to the ignorant masses. The masses become afraid of the illegal aliens, and then blame them for all of their problems. The economy would be better if not for the illegals. Health insurance wouldn't be so high without all the illegals. The city wouldn't be so crowded, the streets would be less dangerous...and the list goes on and on. All of societies problems are blamed on the illegals, and the masses eat it up.

Everyone knows that it isn't plausable to deport every single person that is in this country illegally. However, people need a scapegoat, and big business loves for it to be the illegal alien. They get to exploit the cheap labor, while getting the masses to support them.

Think about it. Think about who really wins without immigration reform.