Monday, April 12, 2010

Celeb Media frenzy

Is it just me, or is it kind of silly that all we see on the news channels revolves around celebrity gossip? 

I don't understand why, when a pro golfer decided to cheat on his wife, we had to hear about it on the news...every day. For two months! I also don't understand why, at the begining of this year, a magazine (not sure which one...People maybe) put out an issue which listed the biggest scandals of the decade - and all of the cover photagraphs (except one) were of celebrities. One political scandal did hit the cover, and that was one of the congressmen who cheated on his wife.

I can think of many more scandals that happened during this past decade that were of much more social, economic, and political importance than what Britney Spears or Tiger Woods did last week. What about the IL governor trying to sell Obama's Senate Seat?  What about the scandal at Abu Ghraib and the resulting cover up?  What about the CIA agent who got her cover blown?  And for a society so worried about who is having sex with whom, what about the DC Madame, and her resulting suicide? 

Apparently, imporant scandals like these aren't interesting enough to grace the cover of a national magazine. Americans won't buy it unless it involves celebrity sex scandals. Let the dumbing down of America continue!


  1. Solution: ignore completely. I'm aware of most celebrity names, but in almost every case I've no idea what they actually look like. I've much better things to do.

  2. Yeah, I usually do ignore it, but my point is that I would like to turn on the news and learn something relevant. I also think it is kind of sad that most people just eat that stuff up, and don't have the slightest idea (or care about) what is actually going on in the world.