Monday, October 17, 2011

Am I a Liberal?

I have been having an identity crisis lately. I usually consider myself to be a hardcore democratic liberal, but I may be starting to doubt myself.

The reason is that democrats are just as bad as republicans. They all want to take freedoms away from people, the only difference is the freedoms that they want to take.

The republicans want to take away freedom of religion. They want everyone to pray to their Christian God in public schools, they want laws to be written that follow the teachings of the bible, they even want to teach creationism as science. But some of this right wing posturing is the direct result of the Democrats wanting to take away religious freedom. Democrats want to make the Christian majority feel like they are wrong for being Christian. They want to censor religious freedom, so that a child can't say a prayer at lunch time in school without being at risk for suspension. At the same time, they want to celebrate the religious belief of any minority who might complain that their religion is being persecuted unfairly. Isn't Christianity being persecuted unfairly?   Why is it ok to persecute one religious belief and not another?

Hard core liberals like to paint the conservatives as the ones who engage in religious intolerance, but both parties are at fault.

There is long list of rights that each party wants to take away from the average American. Republicans want to take away the right to privacy (Patriot act anyone?), Democrats want to take away our freedom of speech (censorship of tv and movies for "child protection" came from democrats, as did all this PC mumbo jumbo). Republicans want to regulate what you do in your bedroom, while democrats want to regulate what business does. Republicans want to take a woman's right to chose, democrats want to take away the right to bear arms.

My point is that I don't agree with any of this. both sides of the aisle are working hard to limit the rights of Americans, and nobody sees it because everyone is to worried about what the other side of the fence is doing to realize what their own team is up to.

It needs to stop. The consititution and bill of rights need to be protected. The problem is that everyone is so concerned with their own rights that they forget that other people have the same rights. If we don't concern ourselves with the rights of others, everyone will eventually lose all of their rights. When that happens, it will be a sad day for America.

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