Friday, April 23, 2010

Arizona Govenor Signs Immigration Law

I didn't think it could get worse than the House passing the Birther Bill. But I turned on the news today and saw that the Governor of AZ actually signed the Immigration Reform Bill into law.

Well, they call it immigration reform. Here is what it really is: A law that legalizes racial profiling and makes not having your ID on you grounds for being arrested. It also makes being a passenger in a car with someone who forgot their ID grounds for being arrested as well.
I usually don't care for the ACLU (they think every little thing is racist or sexist) but I think they have a valid reason to step in and fight this law. Every police officer in AZ can now pull a car over just because the driver is Hispanic. Or Asian. Or "insert ethnicity here". No probable cause is needed, no justification, just a "feeling" that the driver (or passenger) might be illegal. And if he/she can not prove that they are legal, they get to go to jail. Along with any friend or relative that happens to be with them. What happened to being innocent until proven guilty?
I honestly do think that we need some type of immigration reform. Throwing anyone who is illegal (or looks like they might be, whatever that means) in jail is not the answer. I have my own ideas on what the foundation of a good plan would look like, but I will post that on a later date. It involves registration and illegal fees though. I think its a good plan. I'll give details on my next post.

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