Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cain kills his chances

Hermain Cain stated this week that if you don't have a job, and you aren't a millionaire, it is your own fault. He told the unemployed to "look in the mirror" when trying to figure out why they don't have a job.

In a political environment where all politicians are yelling and screaming about how they are the ones who know how to bring jobs to the country, and with the unemployment rate still at an all time high, this was an extrememly irresponsible and hypocritical thing to say. How is a canidate going to run on a platform of being the best "job creator", then turn around and say that its the unemployeds own fault that they don't have a job? 

Well at least we know how he really feels.

Ok, so I do see his main point. People do have to take responsibility for themselves. Government can't swoop in and rescue everyone. If manufacturing jobs are going downhill, go back to school and learn a new skill. Take a lower paying job to help support yourself and your family while you look for something better. I get that.

However, the current economic crisis is not the fault of the individual American. There are thousands of people who are unemployed because they got laid off, their job moved overseas, or their company went out of business.  Yes, there are some who are taking advantage of the long term unemployment insurance, some who refuse to look for work because they get paid to do nothing, but these are the exception, not the rule. Many of the unemployed just don't have the skillset to go to college and gain new skills. Others have taken lower paying jobs just to try to squeeze by, but are unable to fully support their families on these lower wages.

What Cain said was a slap in the face to the millions of Americans who are struggling everyday to make ends meet. Not everyone can be a millionaire CEO. These comments truly show how out of touch he is with the American people.

To think I actually liked him before this.

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