Monday, October 3, 2011

The "N" Word

Rick Perry's family leased a hunting lodge called Niggerhead. This is the latest political scandel to awaken the media frenzy.

Yes, the name of the ranch is offensive. Yes, a leading political figure should not be hunting at a lodge called Niggerhead (especially one vying to be president of the United States). However, the real issue runs much deeper.

Hermain Cain was the only person on television who was not afraid to say the word "nigger". This term has become so polarizing that respected journalists fear to say it even when it is a neccessary part of the news (case in point, no one would say Niggerhead when reporting the name of the lodge, they all said "N" word head, or something similar). Why does this word have such an effect?  Why don't racial slurs against other groups command the same respect? The biggest question is, why is it ok for certain groups to use this word and not ok for the rest?

This is just one example of political correctness run amok, and societal rules that were meant for good being twisted. Another example is affirmative action. The intent behind the law was great. It was also a good solution for the problem at the time. It helped minorities get jobs that were being denied to them soley on the basis of race. It helped to break up the "good ole boy" network. But when does it go to far?  Why is ok to discriminate against one group for the sake of another? 

The answer is that is never is. Never. I don't care what race, gender, or whatever you are. Everyone in America is equal. If there is one job, it should go to the most qualified applicant, black, white, purple, green, or whatever. It shouldn't go to a minority applicant just because the company needs more minorities.

Another example is that it is ok for certain groups to have their own clubs, scholarships, etc, but it is not ok for white males. Look at Curves gym for women. It is a great idea, and women love working out there. But what do you think would happen if a man tried to open a gym just for men?  The feminist groups would go crazy. Is this equality? 

The bigger issue here is that these discusions are taboo. Nobody wants to talk about these things in an open, honest debate with an exchange of ideas. Some critics are right, racism and sexism still run rampant in the country. But I think we can find a better solution than having the government shift the inequal treatment from one group to another.

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